Started for the love of colours, quirky designs & admiration for traditions being passed on through generations.

During our travels in India we have met artisans, who truly take pride in their craft. Working closely with these, Bongusta creates designs that stand out in colours, materials, and in their quality of always being handmade.

How we work


Bongusta as a company is based on mutual respect. We respect our suppliers, who are our partners – and often our friends, as well. They are chosen for their craftsmanship and humanity, and we are committed to having a longterm relationship. On a daily basis, we are working towards developing each other to our full potentials.

Besides the office in Denmark, Team Bongusta consists of our Indian team, led by Bhawna Ji, and based in Delhi. To our organisation the Indian team brings an extensive experience of working at all levels of supply chain – from grassroots to global partnerships – with experience in both Europe and in India. The presence of our team in India gives us the advantage of being hands-on in product development, taking care of production issues, seeing new design ideas from the rug weavers (also called artisans) etc., and it also give us a daily insight of the workers and ensure their working conditions are of a higher standard than required by law.

The Indian government establish the wage scale regulatory for the workers, based on the work they do. At Bongusta we’ve decided to only work with producers who pay more than required by the regulatory. In addition to this, we help pay for medication and medical care if needed.


It is important to Bongusta that our partners are compliant, honest, and treat everyone with respect. We require from our suppliers, that they are certified with either SA8000, BSCI, ISO 9000 or SEDEX.

Our ‘Naram’ terry series is GOTS certified, produced in a SA8000 and ISO 9000 certified factory under Oekotex certified processes.

The cotton fabric we use for hand-quilting our range of products are all unbleached and if dyed, we use azo-free dye with compliant processes – all suppliers are SEDEX certified.

Our hand-tufted rugs are made in the Indian villages by artisans. The wool used in our rugs is a mix of imported cashmere and New Zealand wool – this supplier is also SEDEX certified.

Our team is regularly checking, inspecting, and equipping our partners to live up to the standards of their certifications, people’s wellness and the safety of our environment.


Bongusta is started for the love of design, quirky colours, and handmade techniques. Before Bongusta, we worked and travelled around India for more than 20 years, and we admire and respect the artisans, the culture, the people, and the beauty of the country.

We value the Indian artisans’ ability to pass on their handicraft from generation to generation, and we want to present these highly skilled masters through the creation of handmade rugs, quilts and other crafts.

Toni Ji

Toni and his people are the ones making our beautiful hand-tufted rugs. Toni is 2nd generation in rug making and he took over the factory, the employees, and the knowledge from his father. To ensure the future of their business, Toni’s son is now under education, so that one day he’ll be able to take over the factory. Toni’s place is an amazing community, where the workers are dedicated, and many have worked there for several years. We consider ourselves very lucky to have Toni Ji and his skilled team giving life to our quirky ideas. This factory is SEDEX certified.

Arun Ji

Other key family members for Bongusta are the amazing Arun and his team. They are the ones making our soft goods – such as handmade quilts and pillow covers. Arun has a background in garment and home furnishing. He is skilled in reading working drawings, to make sure that even the smallest details are followed, when making samples for future designs. Besides being experienced in textile production, Arun is also a wonderful person. His factory is a 3rd generation company and also SEDEX certified.

Manish Ji & Rajeev Ji

Other members of our Bongusta family are Manish, Rajeev and their team. These super skilled gentlemen are running the production and development for yet another 3rd generation company – and it’s here our ‘Naram’ terry collection comes to life. It’s a challenging process to produce towels, but these two guys know it all! They have supported us from the very beginning, educating us on how to make the best possible product.

The factory has an in-house production, also including dyeing and weaving, and is certified by SA8000, ISO 9000, BSCI, Oekotex and GOTS.


In many parts of India, when you are speaking to someone you respect and think of as skilled, it’s custom to call them by their first name, adding the honorific suffix ‘Ji’.