Care Club

We made an effort to create quality products that you’ll love for a long time.

Here are some helpful tips on how to take good care of your Bongusta goods and make them last.

Tufted wool rugs

The hand-tufted rugs (the tigress, tigers, elephant, cat, snakes, dragons, flowers, etc.) are made of 100% wool and therefore not washable. But no worries: All you need to do is spot clean with a damp cloth if necessary, and just vacuum the rugs when they shed a few fibers over time.

We recommend dry clean, if the wool rugs need a more thorough cleaning.

Chindi rugs

The Chindis are woven by hand from leftover material - primarily cotton - but other fibers may occur due to the nature of leftover fabric. Chindi rugs should be hand-washed - without soap or detergent - at 30-40 degrees C.

Hang them to dry. No spin cycle and no tumble drying, please.

Naram series

Everything from the Naram series (hoodies, bathrobes, bags, and towels) are made in high quality combed terry cotton. If there are any long loops in the Naram fabric, don't pull! Simply cut them off with a pair of scissors ✂️ The double ply threads are secured on the back and will not run, when you cut them this way.


The hand-quilting technique is a traditional craft, which ensures the home-made look that we love. Due to the nature of the craft, please take good care when cleaning them.

To best care for the quilted Bongusta products only dry clean the pillows and bed covers. Or just gently shake them outside in the fresh air to get rid of dust.

Poplin pillows

Bongusta's cotton pillows - the Papelain and Halo series - are suitable for washing. They're made from 100% poplin cotton and can be machine washed at 30 degrees C.