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Elevate your living space with exquisite Bongusta rugs - crafted from the finest materials and boasting vibrant colours and playful designs. Woven by skilled Indian artisans. 
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Bongusta Rugs - A Blend of Style and Comfort 

Add a Touch of Joy to Your Home with Bongusta Rugs: Transform your living space with Bongusta's exquisite rug collection. Our designs range from the bold and daring, like the Tiger and Dragon rugs, to the subtle elegance of the Chindi rugs - perfect for those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic or love to make a bold statement. Bongusta rugs are a fusion of vibrant colours, luxurious materials, and playful designs. 

Craftsmanship and Quality: Each Bongusta rug is a masterpiece, woven by skilled Indian artisans. We use only the finest materials, including pure New Zealand wool and imported cashmere. Our eco-friendly options include rugs made from recycled materials, ensuring sustainability without compromising on style. Some of our rugs feature a durable latex back for longevity, while others are designed with hangers for versatile wall display. 

Handwoven Rugs by Bongusta: More Than Just Decor 

Tradition Meets Modern Design: Our handwoven rugs are not just decorative items; they're a testament to cultural heritage and artisanal craftsmanship. Made in India, each rug is a unique expression of regional artistry, combining traditional techniques with contemporary design. 

Unique and Authentic: The handmade nature of our rugs means each piece is one-of-a-kind, with slight variations adding to their charm. They're an embodiment of the intricate weaving skills passed down through generations. 

Materials of Elegance: The Essence of Bongusta Rugs 

Sustainable Luxury: Bongusta rugs are crafted with eco-conscious practices. Our SEDEX certified suppliers provide high-quality, sustainable materials, ensuring each rug is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.  

Care and Maintenance: Effortless Upkeep 

Easy-to-Maintain Rugs: Keeping your Bongusta rug in pristine condition is straightforward. Wool rugs require gentle vacuuming, while our Chindi rugs are best hand-washed and air-dried. Follow these simple care instructions to ensure your rug remains beautiful for years to come. For more info, please go to our Care Club.

Explore Bongusta's Versatile Home Collection 

Beyond Rugs: Discover the full range of Bongusta's home collection. Complement your rug with our Naram towels, pillows, bed covers, plaids, and more. Each item reflects our commitment to quality and style. 

Complete Your Home Décor: Our diverse range of home décor items offers something for every style. Explore the collection and find the perfect match for your Bongusta rug. 

Shopping with Bongusta: A Seamless Experience 

Hassle-Free Online Shopping: Enjoy the convenience of shopping with Bongusta. Our user-friendly online store, coupled with a 14-day return policy and secure transactions, ensures a smooth shopping experience. We proudly ship across Europe. We invite any inquiries or feedback at