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Elevate your bathroom with luxurious Naram Towels crafted from 100% combed cotton, certified by OEKO-TEX®. Discover the perfect mix of softness, absorbency and durability.
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Bongusta's Naram Towel Collection 

Everyday luxury that spreads joy 

Naram Towels are luxurious, high-quality towels that perfectly balance softness, absorbency and durability.

Naram Towels are made of combed cotton, double thread weave (600 gsm), and certified by OEKO-TEX®, which ensures both luxury and environmental responsibility. The double weave gives the towels a delicious softness and superior absorbency, making them a lovely addition wherever you use them.

Stylish and Functional Towel Design 

Practical Fashion-forward Towels: Featuring vibrant colours, horizontal stripes, and an embroidered Bongusta logo, our Naram Towels are not just practical but also fashion-forward. Whether you're basking on the beach or adorning your home with a touch of luxury, Naram Towels are designed to bring joy. 

Naram Towels are available in a wide range of sizes, rich colours and modern stripes, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your style and interior decor.  

You can choose from beautiful striped towels in a multitude of colours. Whether you prefer camel, lilac, cream or baby pink towels, we have the perfect ones for you. At Bongusta, we focus on making unique designs in beautiful colours, which you can also see in our collections of Bathrobes, Rugs, Blankets and Bed Covers.

Naram Towels feature a decorative Bongusta label logo embroidered on the front, adding a touch of elegance to the design. For convenience, the towels come with a practical loop that allows you to hang it, helping it dry.

Premium Towel Fabric - Soft and Absorbent  

Affordable Luxury: Naram Towels perfectly balance softness, absorbency, and durability. The towels are created in India with precision and care and made from thick combed cotton. The double weave in a 600-gsm quality guarantees a delicious softness and outstanding absorbency.

When choosing towels, it is important to consider the material. Cotton is one of the most popular choices as it is natural, soft and absorbent. At Bongusta, all our towels are made from a double cotton weave with long fibres.

Another aspect that can indicate the quality of a towel is its weight or measurement in grams per square meters. The higher the weight, the more luxurious and absorbent the towel. Towels from Bongusta are tight-woven in a 600-gsm quality which means that they are at the high-end in terms thickness. This means that our towels are both extremely soft and absorbent.

Find the right size

When buying towels, it is also important to choose the right sizes.

Naram Towels measuring around 50 x 80 cm or 70 x 140 cm are ideal for general use. In addition, you can also consider investing in Naram Bath Sheets in a size of 100 x 150 cm if you want extra comfort after the bath or in the sauna.

At Bongusta we sell towels in all the above sizes and more. Whether you want large or small towels, you can buy them from us.

Towels produced in a proper way

At Bongusta, we make sure that the production of our Naram Towels is done in a proper way. In addition to the fact that our towels are OEKO-TEX® certified, our work processes are also SA8000 certified which is the standard for social responsibility, and ISO 9001 certified which is the standard for quality management. 

If you want to read more about what we do to ensure high product quality and good work processes, visit the About Us page.

Towel Wash and Maintenance 

Easy-to-Maintain Towels: Maintaining the pristine condition of your Naram Towels is a breeze. Pre-washed by Team Bongusta for enhanced absorbency, we recommend a gentle wash before use.  

Follow our easy-care instructions: wash at a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius, use minimal detergent for longevity, tumble on low temperatures, and hang to dry to preserve colour and fibres. Avoid over-drying, and if a loop snags, opt for scissor cutting instead of pulling. 

Discover Bongusta’s Care Guide for tips on how to make your Naram Towels last as long as they were designed to. 

Mix and match 

A stylish update: Step out of the shower and into pure comfort with our Naram Towels and matching bath mats. Every single towel can be mixed and matched. By combining colours from the collection, you can create extra personality to your bathroom. 

Explore Bongusta's Naram Fashion 

Beyond Towels: Discover the full range of Bongusta's Naram collection. Bongusta offers Naram Bathrobes and Ponchos, designed to provide a swift and elegant transition in and out of swimwear. Ideal for both home and travel, these substantial bathrobes not only evoke a sense of relaxation, but also contribute to your overall well-being. 

Compliment Your Style: But that's not all - our Naram collection also includes fashion clothing. Explore Naram Shirts, Pants and Shorts. Our collection of casual unisex loungewear has been carefully designed to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

Complementing the apparel lineup are various Naram totebags in different sizes, seamlessly combining functionality with fashion-forward design.

Shopping with Bongusta: A Seamless Experience 

Hassle-Free Online Shopping: At Bongusta, we offer a seamless online shopping experience. Our user-friendly online store, combined with a 14-day return policy and secure transactions, ensures a hassle-free journey. We ship across all Europe.

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