Bongusta, Product image, Naram Pants, pure white & grass, 1 of 2}1/2
Bongusta, Product image, Naram Pants, pure white & grass, 2 of 2}2/2

Naram Pants, pure white & grass

650,00 kr.


The Naram Pants has a cool and relaxed fit, giving a comfortable look that is easy to style.

With both an elastic waistband and a cotton drawstring, the pants allow you to tighten or loosen the fit as needed. The design also includes two practical side pockets and an extra back pocket, mixing functionality with fashion.

With all casual wear, comfort is a high priority, and this is where the Naram pants excel. The pants comes in the softest organic cotton terry, which wicks away moisture quickly in the summer, while the fabric will also keep you warm and stylish in cooler weather. 

Naram Pants are available in three sizes.

Size 0: Waist 49 cm. Hips 50,5 cm. Length 100 cm.
Size 1: Waist 51 cm. Hips 52,5 cm. Length 101 cm.
Size 2: Waist 52 cm. Hips 54,5 cm. Length 105 cm.